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  • Smart Bus
      The Smart Bus Demonstration Line is the first bus route in the country to realize L3-level vehicle driving in a vehicle-road cooperative mode in an open road environment. with a total length of 7.8 kilometers and 11 stations. The project will build four platforms integrating "vehicle-road-cloud" cooperation, including the national demonstration line of intelligent public transportation, incubation of intelligent public transportation industry, real vehicle test data of spare parts and brand promotion of the project.
      Compared with the existing smart bus projects, our smart bus demonstration line has the following characteristics:
      (1)Through V2X intelligent network connection technology, the traditional problem of sensing traffic signals by autonomous buses is solved, and cooperative speed guidance based on traffic signal lamps is realized, thus improving the operation safety and traffic efficiency of intelligent buses.
      (2)Based on the intelligent network connection technology, the experience of bus passengers is improved.
      (3)It is the first Internet-linked information sharing and publishing system for smart bus status and road conditions in China.