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  • 5G V2X
       5G network has the ability of large bandwidth and low latency. The full use of 5G technology in the field of intelligent connected vehicle can help drivers avoid danger and improve driving efficiency. It can also transmit data for intelligent connected vehicle, thus achieving further data fusion and collaborative control.
       At the end of 2018, the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Test Zone built the first 7.8-kilometer smart bus demonstration line for open roads in China and conducted trial operation. In the same year, the test zone cooperated with China Mobile and Huawei to build a 5G-V2X pilot environment to achieve full coverage of the 5G signal of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Test Zone and the smart bus demonstration line. It provides a more convenient “closed + open” test environment for intelligent connected vehicle companies to develop intelligent driving applications and demonstrations in the vehicle-road-cloud collaborative mode.
      In October 2018, Hunan Xiangjiang intelligent science and technology innovation center jointly held the first V2X application test based on 5G vehicle-road coordination and vehicle-vehicle coordination with China mobile communication group Hunan co., ltd Changsha branch, Huawei technology co., ltd and Changsha intelligent driving research institute in the national intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Test Zone. At the demonstration site in the test zone, a number of scene demonstrations including forward collision warning, reverse overtaking warning, emergency braking warning, lane change blind zone warning and emergency vehicle warning, abnormal vehicle warning, pedestrian detection warning, road hazard warning, and in-vehicle signs were conducted.
      The synchronous cooperation between intelligent vehicles and intelligent roads has brought about safer and more intimate on-board experiences. At present, the national intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Test zONE is one of the closed test areas with the most 5G-V2X test scenes. The application demonstration of 5G-V2X is of great significance to the development of intelligent Internet-connected vehicles and 5G applications.。