Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation Center Co., Ltd.

  • Smart Bus
  • 5G V2X
  • 100 Km City Open Road
  • 100 Km Smart Expressway
  • Autonomous Parking for Guests
  • 100 Km City Open Road
       The project selects about 135 kilometers of artificial intelligence technology city, Meixi Lake, Yanghu Lake, Dawang Mountain and High-tech Zone within about 100 square kilometers (the road types include expressway, trunk road, secondary trunk road and branch road, including 7.8 km smart bus demonstration line),carry out intelligent transformation and build an intelligent connected vehicle testing and demonstration application zone. The project is closely integrated with the connotation of a new generation of national traffic control networks and smart roads, adopt 5G, Beidou high-precision positioning, and use new technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving, and vehicle-road coordination, focus on vehicle-based cooperative communication and security early warning services, as well as applications based on artificial intelligence for event monitoring, and big data-assisted decision analysis, demonstration verification based on the basic conditions of the demonstration section, achieve comprehensive sensing and high synergy of the pilot road sections, and realize that the pilot road network is visible, measurable, controllable and serviceable.