Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation Center Co., Ltd.

  • Smart Bus
  • 5G V2X
  • 100 Km City Open Road
  • 100 Km Smart Expressway
  • Autonomous Parking for Guests
  • 100 Km Smart Expressway
       The project site is located in Changsha section of Changsha-Yiyang double line, southwest section of beltway and northwest section of beltway. The whole journey is about 93 kilometers. The overall positioning is to build an open-vehicle-road cooperative expressway environment that supports L3 and above advanced autopilot, which can meet the large-scale R&D test of intelligent connected vehicles, as well as the needs of expressway operation, supervision and user travel information services. In terms of technology path, the vehicle-road-cloud integration technology route is adopted.