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  • Autonomous Parking for Guests
       The gradual popularization of pilotless driving will make traffic accidents less and less, and as well as the problem of traffic jams , but the first to spread should be the so-called "last mile" autopilot. Parking difficulties have become a problem that every city passenger car user has to face almost every day, especially in areas where public resources such as hospitals, commercial entertainment, and office buildings are in tight demand. According to relevant industry data analysis, nearly 30% of the traffic congestion in the world comes from a large number of car owners trying hard to find a parking space. Long-term search for parking spaces has caused a lot of road congestion, which not only wastes the owner's time and fuel resources, but also brings a lot of environmental pollution problems, and brings troubles to the operation and management of urban traffic. Therefore, the application of the autonomous parking system in the field of autonomous driving is more urgent.
       The autonomous parking function of the project is to provide parking level intelligent management parking space reservation and distribution scheduling function in the mixed scene (autonomous driving, manual driving), parking space management (ground lock rising and lowering) service, entrance and exit gate Identification and management services, parking space rental services, etc.