Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation Center Co., Ltd.

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  •   Hunan Manufacturing Innovation Center established in August 2018, it is responsible for the professional operation of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Test Zone, providing system testing service for intelligent driving passenger cars, commercial vehicles, drones, intelligent machinery, robots, network communication providers. At present, the 7.8-kilometer open road smart bus demonstration line in the test area and its operation has realized full coverage of 5G network, which can realize instant “communication” between vehicle-road and vehicle-to-vehicle, avoiding vehicle operation risk and improving driving efficiency.
      On December 29, 2018, Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center was identified as the Hunan Manufacturing Innovation Center (Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test). The company will gather innovative resources, condense the key common technologies and cutting-edge leading technologies of intelligent network connection measurement and testing, and further improve the system and mechanism, strengthen the basic conditions and R&D innovation capacity building, implement the functional positioning of the provincial manufacturing innovation center and various work missions, and contribute to the high-quality development of Hunan's economy.

      Hunan Xiangjiang Artificial Intelligence College was established on December 28, 2018, initiated by Hunan Xiangjiang New District, combining Central South University, Hunan University, Hunan Normal University, Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center, Changsha Intelligent Driving Research Institute, Baidu Company, NovaSky , Horizon Artificial Intelligence, Zixing Artificial Intelligence and other related companies to establish cooperation. The college closely follows the development direction of the future intelligent connected vehicle industry and the shortage of talents. It is committed to the precise cultivation and export of artificial intelligence professionals with high comprehensive quality and practical operation ability.
      In March 2019, the three universities completed the enrollment of students in Xiangjiang Artificial Intelligence College, and recruited 246 students related to artificial intelligence. Among them, Central South University enrolled 81 students, Hunan Normal University enrolled 80 students, and Hunan University enrolled 85 students.
      Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center is the lead unit of Xiangjiang Artificial Intelligence College. The off-campus training base is built using the “1+X” model, in which: "1" is the main base, and the Xiangjiang Innovation Center Company, CIDI, and Baidu cooperate to undertake the practical training internship tasks outside the school; “X” is a number of sub-bases. At present, there are three sub-bases of NovaSky, Xiangjiang Horizon Artificial Intelligence and Zixing Artificial Intelligence.
      In July 2019, the first summer training of the college officially started. The practical training is conducted in two phases: The first stage is to concentrate on learning. It will be arranged in the first half of July for about two weeks. The practical training base will arrange teachers, and the basic theoretical knowledge required for follow-up practical training will be taught to all students; The second stage is practical training. Students will be arranged into the training bases from late July to early September, and will conduct practical training for about 2 weeks in batches.

    “Artificial Intelligent Vehicle-Road Collaborative Technology Research” Police-Enterprise Laboratory

      At the end of March, Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau took the lead in setting up a police-enterprise laboratory for “artificial intelligent vehicle road coordination technology research”. Vice Mayor Xiangyang served as the team leader, the Municipal Traffic Police, Innovation Center, Baidu, Xiangjiang Horizon, and Hunan Mobile as members. For the problems encountered in the 100-kilometer open urban road, the public security department provides data support, and the technical units provide technical support to jointly carry out technical research and development, consultation and advice.