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  • Innovative application of intelligent network connection vehicle open road test management rules and security system

      Hunan Xiangjiang New District is rushing to keep up with the trend of artificial intelligence, actively deploying the artificial intelligence industry, and taking the intelligent connected vehicle as a breakthrough to accelerate industrial development. As the third-party certification assessment and testing regulator of Changsha intelligent vehicle city open road, expressway and manned test. Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center relies on government resources and industrial resources, committed to building a nationwide network of intelligent networked automotive industry platform service providers.

      In order to make the test area become the most standard and authoritative institution in Hunan Province and even the whole country in the intelligent network road test industry, since the establishment of Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation Center, combined with the research results of China's natural driving data and statistical analysis of Chinese driver behavior, and draw on the domestic and international intelligent network car test evaluation method, the company combined with a large number of test data support in the test area, and in-depth discussions with a number of senior intelligent driving test R & D units and industry experts, from 2018 to 2019, the drafting of the "Changsha Intelligent Connected Vehicle Road Test Management Regulations (Trial)" was drafted and formulated, "Changsha Intelligent Connected Vehicle Road Test Management Implementation Rules (Trial) V2.0", and the relevant procedures and evaluation documents for intelligent networked vehicle road testing. Built from test management practices, test technical support, and test road environments, formed a management rule and guarantee system that supports the open road test of intelligent connected vehicles with the core of road implementation rules as the core, the ecosystem that contributes to the development of Changsha intelligent connected vehicle and artificial intelligence is accelerating.