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      Grasping the development trend of new-generation information communication, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., Hunan Xiangjiang New Area combines its industry with solid foundation and advantages, to create a “Xiangjiang Intelligent Valley” that integrates R&D innovation, system testing, intelligent manufacturing, and application services to build and lead the intelligent connected vehicle innovation and industrialization of the country and even the world.
      Our company focuses on the daily management of artificial intelligence (including intelligent networked cars) and robot industry chain office in Xiangjiang New District of Hunan Province, and assists the new district to develop intelligent network linkage industry chain building, chain-linking, chain-stretching and strong chain work. It is an important platform for the new district to carry out investment promotion services around the panoramic view of the intelligent network link industry chain.

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    Investment advantage
    The industry chain is
    gradually improved
    Knowledge chain is
    gradually maturing
    The talent chain is
    quite strong
    Strong capital chain
    Policy chain is at
    the forefront
    The industry chain is gradually improved

      Changsha has built a chain of intelligent networked vehicles,and the city has nearly 400 affiliated enterprises of intelligent connected vehicle with major technological innovations and large industrial scale. Changsha is at the forefront in the fields of autonomous controllable computers, supercomputing, big data, new energy vehicles, and Beidou high-precision navigation. Especially in the field of Beidou high-precision navigation chip and microprocessor design, Changsha has accumulated obvious advantages; At the application level, Changsha Intelligent Driving Research Institute focuses on the development, application and promotion of intelligent connected vehicle technology and products; Zoomlion unmanned harvester has realized unmanned operation in the whole process of agriculture; Jingdong unmanned vehicles, Sany Heavy Industry, Beijing Automotive, Hunan Changxing Traffic Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongye Changtian International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CIE), and Intelligent Heavy Truck production bases have formed first-mover advantages in vehicle and auto parts, smart transportation, vehicle networking, and unmanned vehicles.

    Investment scope

    Perceptual system (camera, lidar, millimeter wave radar, high precision map, high precision positioning)
    Decision system (computing platform, operating system, chip, algorithm)
    Execution system (integrated control system)
    Communication system (V2X communication module, electronic and electrical architecture, security solution, cloud platform)
    Three-electric system (motor, electric control, battery)
    Intelligent cockpit, autonomous driving solution, intelligent connected vehicle OEM
    Travel services, logistics services, data value-added, car networking applications