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  • 2019 Continental Group China Technology Experience Day :"Seamless ride" travel solution in China's first show
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  •   On August 27th, the China Technology Experience Day of Continental Group in 2019 was successfully held in the China National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Test Zone. The theme of the event was “Showing Intelligence  Innovation and Leading a Bright Future”. During the three-day experience day, Continental Group fully demonstrated its products in the fields of autonomous driving, IOV, and human-vehicle interaction through 13 demonstration vehicles. technology.
    Xiangjiang Intelligent Little Editor is also fortunate to be invited to visit and observe the latest technologies and products of Continental Group. Come and see it.
    Complete autonomous driving solution products and vehicle display
    Display vehicle with new electronic parking drum brakes, more emphasis on lightweight and comfort
    ADAS sensor function display car
    Electronic air suspension system display car
    Continental Group vehicle chassis system
    Continental Group ADAS perception system
    OTA, Hil, Electronic Horizon System of Continental Group subsidiary Elektrobit
    ECU Information Security Defense System of Continental Group subsidiary ARGUS
    Hybrid V2X platform
           In order to help autopilot vehicles to more reliably perceive the automotive environment and make accurate assessments in a more timely manner, Continental Group has been launching new products based on market demand. For example, the fifth-generation long-short-range radar with higher resolution and higher detection accuracy, its upgrade measurement function can detect various objects more accurately. The long-range radar has a detection range of up to 300 meters and an opening angle of ±60°. In addition to blind spot detection, lane change assistance or rear intersection traffic warnings, short-range radar also enables precise parking. The fifth-generation long-short-range radar will be mass-produced in Shanghai in 2021.
    The Auxiliary and Automated Driving Control Unit (ADCU) provides a reliable and superior multi-function processing platform, and able to achieve a variety of applications in highly automated driving. When the autonomous driving mode is activated, the central control unit, the auxiliary and autonomous driving control unit, analyzes the data generated by sensors around the vehicle such as the camera, radar, and laser radar. Based on this data, the ADCU with powerful computing capabilities can plan and determine the best path, coordinate the vehicle's braking system and react to possible road hazards in a timely manner.
    In addition to the auxiliary and automatic driving control unit and body control system, the Continental Group has also made great efforts in terms of vehicle weight reduction, human-vehicle interaction and comfort.
    Lightweight optical module headlights
    Integrated cockpit system
    Intelligent mobile charging
    Human-computer interaction experience simulator integrated cockpit system
    “Seamless ride” travel solution debut in China
          At this event, the Continental Group's “seamless ride” travel solution consisting of expressway autonomous cruise, automatic valet parking display and autonomous driving vehicle CUbE made its debut in China. This marks an important milestone for the Continental Group China team in the development of autonomous driving technology.     
          The expressway's autonomous cruising function helps the driver to take a break during the highway and ensure safe driving when the driver is unable to control the car. Continental's expressway autonomous cruise show vehicle has a long-range radar, four short-range radars and an in-vehicle stereo camera to achieve the environmental model needed for autonomous driving. The display car can automate the automatic horizontal and vertical control, automatic lane keeping in the curve and lane switching according to the driver's demand, etc., and can automatically adjust the vehicle speed according to traffic conditions and traffic rules. After exiting the expressway, the system will inform the driver in advance and return the driving rights.
          After the autonomous vehicle arrives at the valet parking lot in the autonomous cruise mode, the automatic valet parking function allows the vehicle to use the integrated sensor system to search for parking spaces in the parking lot. At the event, the Continental Group demonstration car demonstrated the automatic valet parking process. The display vehicle uses four short-range radars, four 360-degree panoramic cameras and a front-facing camera to detect the surrounding environment. When the driver parks the vehicle at the parking spot in front of the parking lot and activates the parking system on the mobile phone, the vehicle will automatically find an empty parking space. When the driver presses the phone button, the vehicle can automatically return to the parking spot.
    When the vehicle searches for the parking space by itself in the parking lot, the occupant can complete the "last mile" journey in the autonomous driving electric vehicle CUbE, and reach the final destination safely and comfortably. CUbE is the development platform for Continental's unmanned technology, eliminating the need for manual driving and without the steering wheel and brake pedal. CUbE demonstrates Continental's proven technologies and their performance, which have long been used in different vehicles. CUbE masters the entire perception-planning-action effect chain involved in the driving process, and can travel safely and autonomously on the road. On the way, passengers can also receive relevant information about the destination through the in-vehicle information system.
    The industrial rise of Changsha in the central hinterland
           Founded in Hannover, Germany in 1871, Continental Group ranked 206th in the world's top 500 in 2018 and is the world's fourth largest tire manufacturer. It is also one of the top five auto parts suppliers in the world, and the top three in automotive electronics manufacturing. Why did Continental’s 2019 Technology Experience Day be held in Changsha, Hunan?

          On October 11, last year, Continental Group signed a cooperation agreement with Hunan Xiangjiang New District. According to the agreement, the two parties will be in the intelligent system test zone of Hunan Xiangjiang New District (now the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Test Zone)," Xiangjiang Intelligent Valley • Artificial Intelligence Technology City", autonomous driving bus, industrial fund, and the government-enterprise-college cooperation in five aspects of exchanges and cooperation.
    In recent years, Changsha has seized the opportunity brought by "Made in China 2025" according to the deployment requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Hunan provincial Party committee and government, aiming at building a national intelligent manufacturing center, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and promoting high-quality development. Changsha has cultivated hundreds of billions of industrial clusters such as construction machinery, electronic information, new materials, automobile manufacturing and food. The comprehensive cooperation between the Continental Group and Changsha is a strategic move as well as a win-win move, which will definitely make great contributions to Sino-German economic and trade cooperation.