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  • Debut in Changsha! Baidu's first mass production of the L4 Robotaxi team "play" national test zone
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  • Yes
    Just in this hot summer they are coming in! ! !
    They are the autonomous driving taxis that appeared 
    at the Baidu World Congress last year.
    Red Flag E•Boundary
    After signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Hunan Xiangjiang New District, 
    Baidu announced at the meeting that 
    the model will be produced on a large scale in Changsha.
    This is the first domestically produced 
    L4 level autonomous driving taxi produced by
     Baidu and FAW Hongqi.
    officially debuted in Changsha.
    As a citizen of Changsha, 
    there has been another reason for happiness since then.
    Because of you, 
    you will become the first 
    "early adopter" autonomous driving friend in the country.
    The first show of Robotaxi, 
    which is highly focused by autonomous driving fans, 
    is selected in Hunan Xiangjiang New District in Changsha.
    Autonomous driving gathering place
    National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Changsha) Test Zone
    (Yes, they are)
    In the test zone
    are in a neat queue 
    and ready to go. 
    They are gathering to make their appearance.
    "Play around" in the test zone
     the simulated expressway,
     the simulated urban road, 
    the simulated rural road, 
    the simulated cross-country road 
    and other different sections.
    Show "Dynamic Cool" of autonomous driving
    Other than this
    Their "beauty of cute"
    The same is the eye-catching
    Vertical strip plating decoration on the front part of the car 
    is connected with the headlights, 
    which is visually integrated, 
    stylish and elegant.
    The tail uses a through-type taillight.
    Overall generosity and beauty
     On the interior,
    Using floating central control and LCD instrumentation,
    The touch control design all show intelligence.
     The most eye-catching thing is of course 
    the "hat" on the top of Robotaxi.
    The camera on the roof, the laser radar, the sensor 
    and the touch panel in the compartment, 
    and the onboard data processor placed in the trunk of the car 
    cooperate to automatically recognize the traffic lights, 
    sense the surrounding environment of the vehicle, 
    detect and identify obstacles, 
    and achieve accurate positioning.
    Ultimately achieve a high degree of autonomous driving
     Of course, 
    what is more worth looking forward to 
    is the Robotaxi which are both internal and external, both static and dynamic.
    This year, we will enter the “Double Hundred” open road, which was built by 
    Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center, for manned testing.
    Citizen experience rides autonomous driving taxi officially into the countdown.
    as a little editor who knows you
    I know that you will definitely ask 
    a variety of high-tech autonomous driving equipment to install 
    the Robotaxi. 
    Is it really safe without anyone holding the steering wheel?
    In order to ensure that Robotaxi 
    will follow the safe and highly autonomous driving on the open road, 
    Hunan Apollo Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd., 
    a joint venture established by 
    Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center, 
    Changsha Pioneer Industry Investment Co., Ltd., 
    will be closed from the test 
    to the open road manned test,
    and post-operation, 
    fully taking over the Robotaxi

    In addition to
     the vehicle's own sensing equipment, 
    each vehicle will be equipped with 
    at least one safety officer and one tester 
    to further ensure the smooth progress of the automatic driving test.
    The "double 100" open road currently under construction 
    will be completed 
    after the intelligent transformation.
    Collaborate with the Robotaxi vehicle-road 
    to achieve more efficient and safer autonomous driving
    In addition, 
    not long ago, 
    Hunan Xiangjiang Intelligent Technology Innovation Center 
    and China Life Insurance have reached a cooperation, 
    and will further provide full insurance for autonomous driving.
    what are you waiting for?
    Give little editor a message!
    Maybe you are the first batch of "early adopters" in Changsha!